B12 6. Roundabouts

Teaching roundabouts often brings out the best (or the worst!) in instructors. Once you are comfortable and confident in your own knowledge, understanding and teaching style, you will enjoy teaching roundabouts. However, at first, the fast moving, potentially safety critical environment can feel quite daunting.

Here we will cover some teaching tools we use and train others to use that will have a huge influence both on your understanding of how to teach roundabouts and your pupil’s ability to not only conquer them, but to go from possibly dreading them to ‘oh I love roundabouts!’ 

The following videos and workbook tasks will help you broaden your ideas of what and how to teach roundabouts to get the best out of your pupil while staying safe, and establishing skills that will be beneficial in all aspects of driving.



►  What is the purpose of a…

Mini roundabout?

Large roundabout?

►  What does rule 188 in The Highway Code state?

►  What is the ONLY thing a signal tells you?

►  Give 2 reasons NOT to use a large vehicle next to you as a shield

►  What does ‘doing wrong right’ mean?

How could you encourage this during lessons?►  Give 4 things you have gained from the video that you will bring into your lessons

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